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  • How do I enroll my loved one in Project Lifesaver?
    f you or a loved one is need of Project Lifesaver you can print off the application on the Hamilton County Sheriff Department's website at:
  • What does it cost to enroll my loved one?
    Our passion is to help secure the safety of loved ones that have been diagnosed with autism, dementia, Alzheimer's, PTSD, etc. that are prone to wandering by offering our services at no cost.
  • What guarantee is there that Project Lifesaver will locate my loved one should they gone missing?
    We would like to say there is a 100% guarantee; however, there is no such thing, regardless of the technology or method utilized. It must always be remembered you are dealing with people and each situation will be different. Project Lifesaver does have the most successful record in the world. This has been accomplished through a combination of training, specialized methods & procedures, and the latest technology which is tested often in real world situations.
  • What do I do if Project Lifesaver is not in my area?
    Project Lifesaver has multiple layers of protection for caregivers to choose from to protect their loved ones. The caregiver can select the best option for their particular situation. Contact us to get your county started and protected.
  • Does an agency have to join the Project Lifesaver to get the equipment?
    Project Lifesaver is a pro-active “program” that encompasses many areas to enhance rescue probabilities; it is not just about the equipment. Project Lifesaver will not sell the equipment without the necessary training and support that goes with the program. We strongly discourage any attempts to use this equipment without the benefit of significant training, to do so, only encourages liability and inadequate protection.
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